Media Release - 2016

NC CentralPiedmont Region

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How could this have happened? Who would let this happen to a majestic and beautiful animal?  Many people wonder when they see pictures of starved, neglected and dying horses, right here under our noses in North Carolina.

 How DOES it happen?? Lost jobs, leaving little or no money for feed and hay, farms in foreclosure, with owners moving into smaller living quarters with no place for a large animal , owner taken ill and unable to properly care for their horses, older horses with special feeding requirements that the owner does not understand. These are but a few of the reasons that horses right here in the Central Piedmont of North Carolina are in desperate need.

 The UNITED STATES EQUINE RESCUE LEAGUE has been helping to save and rehome horses since 1997. It operates in regions across NC ,VA ,IN, and KY. Having a network of over 200 foster homes USERL has rescued, rehabilitated and adopted over 1000 horses. The local chapter - (North Carolina Central Piedmont Region) includes the counties of Iredell, Mecklenburg, Union, Catawba, Rowan, Lincoln, Gaston, Cleveland Cabarrus, Stanly and Anson. Many rescued horses have found new owners who currently enjoy them for trail riding, eventing, lessons and even just as beautiful companions. Also included in the organization are many mules and donkeys.

 Unfortunately, USERL in the NCCP region is going through a tremendously hard time. As more and more horses need help, there is less money coming in and less fosters/adopters stepping up. It is having to turn away horses that have no place to go. That almost always means the end of the road for some horses.

 The volunteers are making a plea to the public to help us in any of the ways below that you can. Please keep in mind that all funds raised in the Central Piedmont region are used to help local horses.

 We need the following:
1) Donations (which are tax deductible- 5013c ) in any amount.
2) Foster homes to care for healthy horses until they can be adopted into permanent homes
3) Adopters to give permanent homes to great horses of all ages
4) Volunteers who can help with fund raisers, barn work, facility checks, transport horses or work from phone or computer

 Please go to our website for a look at the truly wonderful horses available for adoption or to become a volunteer.

 Please make checks payable to USERL, PO BOX 777, OAKBORO 28129

 Follow our FACEBOOK page