Breed: Galeceno Cross

Age: 6

Height: 14.1 hh

Sex: Gelding

Color: Palomino

Status: In Training, Available for Adoption Soon

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If you are interested in adopting or being a training foster for any of the horses above, please review our Foster and Adoption pages and contact us. 
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Breed: Saddlebred Cross

Age: 29

Height: 14hh

Sex: Mare

Color: Sorrel

Status: Special Needs; Cared for by USERL volunteers


Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 26

Height: 15hh

Sex: Mare

Color: Sorrel

Status: Special Needs; Cared for by USERL volunteers


Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 11

Height: 14hh

Sex: Mare

Color: Sorrel

Status: Under vet care,  Available for adoption Fall 2017

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Breed: Paint

Age: yearling

Sex: Mare

Color: Bay/ White Tovero

Status: In USERL Care

Blue Blaze was seized by animal control on June 16th. She came into USERL care on June 22. She has a body condition score of 1. Her rehabilitation will mean months of small meals five times a day. She also has severe rain rot with severe sun burn on top of the rain rot. This will require special treatment and limited exposure to the sun. She is a very sweet and agreeable filly. She left her hay to come over for attention and neck scratches. Her rehab will require months of a special diet and veterinary care


Breed: Walkaloosa

Age: 8

Height: 14.3hh

Sex: Mare

Color: Paint

Status:  Available for Adoption
(with an experienced rider who will continue training)
Adoption Fee: $800


Breed: Quarter Horse Cross

Age: 31


Sex: Mare

Color: Bay

Status: Special Needs; Cared for by USERL volunteers

NC Central Piedmont Region

Skye is ready for adoption! Skye is an 8 year old appaloosa/walking horse mare. She has been in natural horsemanship training with Kristen Hunnicutt sinc the beginning of May, this year and most of the riding she has done with her has been on trails. In total, she's spent 65 hours with Skye both on the ground and riding in last 2 1/2 months. Skye is very fun to work with and she has a sweet “horse-anality.” Her impulsion is great and she LOVES the trails. Her natural gaits are walk, trot, canter, but she also has great potential to do a lovely smooth trail gait as well. She hasn’t shown that she would be very spooky but she doesn’t like to be alone, she is great to ride in a group. Her trainer has also done a lot of work with her to build her confidence in the horse trailer. She hasn’t had an easy time with it, but she has mwere flaring out and getting really flat. She has been on a hoof supplement with biotin (Remission) as well as no grass or grain to eliminate unnecessary sugars in the diet which can cause founder. Her feet are really coming along great now and most of the cracks are gone but she will need continued care to finish out the regrowth process. Skye should be a fantastic
barefoot horse once she is fully recovered. Right now,
she is being ridden barefoot on all of the trails with no
issues. However, if she were to be ridden on rocks, she
would need hoof boots for support (at least for the
front feet). She will also need to be on limited grass time
to avoid founder in the future. Skye is a super easy
keeper. She’s doing great on hay alone and a handful
of alfalfa per day to mix her supplement in. If you are
interested in adopting Skye please review our
Adoption policies and contact us using the information
on those pages.


Breed: Arabian Cross

Age: 9

Height: 14 hh

Sex: Mare

Color: Black

Status: In USERL care

Argo is a 6 year old Galaceno cross(Spanish breed).  He is a very sweet natured horse. He has been in training with me for 5 months. He started out with barely any ground skills to being a solid Parelli level 2 in his ground skills and Freestyle riding. He is very playful and a huge lover boy. Loves cuddles! He is naturally a confident horse. LBE - medium spirit. Confident with people, obstacles, other horses and his environment. Not herd bound, loves people. Ties well. Trailer loads. Stands for farrier. Doing great on the trails. This horse is so talented. Does flying lead changes all on his own in the pasture. He also really loves to jump. He would make a great hunter pony for a youth or small adult. Would also make someone a fantastic trail mount or just an all-round Parelli partner. Likes to go
and likes to whoa and he is super smooth to ride, at all gaits. I would love to see this horse 
go to a Parelli student who is progressive and dedicated to never-ending self-improvement. He deserves no less and would make someone very happy. I will release him to be eligible for adoption on January 1st. At this time his adoption fee will be $1000 which includes a required 3 private lessons with me(1-Star licensed Parelli Professional) to whoever adopts him. If he stays with me longer than a month after January, his fee

will increase with further development. I’m not in a hurry to let him go. I want to find

him his perfect life partner. Doesn’t every horse deserve that? Please see attached

video of his current ground skills. Riding video is coming soon.

These horses are in the care of the USERL-NCCP. Some are or will soon be available for fostering or adoption, others require long term, committed care by our volunteers. If you are interested in opening your home and hearts to one of the available, sweet horses you see here, please review our Foster and Adoption policies and contact us using the information on those pages. You may also make donations towards the care of those in USERL care requiring long term rehabilitation here.



Breed: Quarter Horse

Age:  5 years old

Height: 14hh

Sex: Gelding

Color: Bay

Status: In USERL care, available for adoption Fall 2018